None DEFENSE OF JAPAN 2020 | Japan Ministry of Defense

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Part I Security Environment Surrounding Japan

Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Defense Policies of Countries

Chapter 3 Trends Concerning New Domains including Outer Space, Cyberspace, and Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Relevant Challenges Facing the International Community

Part II Japan’s Security and Defense Policy

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Japan’s Security and Defense

Chapter 2 Organizations Responsible for Japan’s Security and Defense

Chapter 3 Japan’s Security and Defense Policy

Chapter 4 Build-up of Defense Capability, etc.

Chapter 5 Development of Legislation for Peace and Security and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) Activities since Legislation’s Enforcement

Part III Three Pillars of Japan’s Defense (Means to Achieve the Objectives of Defense)

Chapter 1 Japan’s Own Architecture for National Defense

Chapter 2 Japan-U.S. Alliance

Chapter 3 Security Cooperation

Part IV Core Elements Comprising Defense Capability, etc.

Chapter 1 Human Resource Base that Sustains the Defense Capability

Chapter 2 Measures on Defense Equipment and Technology

Chapter 3 Enhancing Intelligence Capabilities

Chapter 4 Elements that Sustain Defense Capability

Chapter 5 Interaction with Local Communities and Japanese Citizens