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ONIKI Makoto

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IWAMOTO Tsuyohito



On January 9, 2007, 53 years after the establishment of the Defense Agency in 1954, the Ministry of Defense was born.

1950.7.8General Macarthur authorizes the establishment of the National Police Reserve.
1951.9.849 countries sign Peace Treaty with Japan.
1952.8.1National Safety Agency established.
1952.8.1National Safety College (predecessor of the National Institute for Defense Studies) established.
1952.8.1Technical Research and Development Institute established.
1952.10.15National Safety Force inaugurated.
1953.4.1National Safety Academy (predecessor of National Defense Academy) established.
1954.7.1Defense Agency established; Ground, Maritime, and Air self-Defense Forces inaugurated.
1954.7.1Central Procurement Office (predecessor of Central Contract Office) established
1962.11.1Defense Facilities Administration Agency established.
1974.4.25National Defense Medical College established.
1997.1.20Defense Intelligence Headquarters established.
2000.5.8Defense Agency moves to the Ichigaya buildings.
2007.1.9Transition to the Ministry of Defense.
2015.10.1Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency established.