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Comments from students in fiscal 2024

Comments from the 12th UNSOC student
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International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit, JGSDF (at the time of the course)

Major ISHIKAWA Takeshi

gImpressions after taking UN Staff Officers Courseh

I was given a valuable opportunity to study with Self-Defense Force personnel@as well as international students from 11 countries, and I achieved three major results.
@First, I was able to learn the latest knowledge about United Nations peacekeeping operations from experienced instructors from Japan and abroad.
@Second, through practical training with international students, I was able to experience what it would be like to be part of a United Nations PKO headquarters.
@Third, through interaction with international students, I was able to deepen my understanding of the military situations of various countries.
@Throughout the course, by having various discussions in English with military personnel from overseas, I became closer to them, and to put it bluntly, I think I was able to see the faces of countries that could be partners in the defense of our country. This also meant that we SDF personnel were seen as the face of Japan by them, so there was some pressure, but it was also very rewarding. I also have fond memories of extracurricular cultural exchanges.
@I strongly recommend that future juniors take this course.

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  • Major ISHIKAWA Takeshi in the 12th UNSOC

Ship and Weapons Section, Ship and Weapons Div, Logistics Dep, MSO(at the time of the course)


gThe importance of international cooperationh

UN staff officer`s course was an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as a staff member in international peace cooperation operations, and it was also an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of international cooperation.
@Although it was a short period of about half a month, we engaged in planning and exercises simulating peacekeeping operations with 8 Self-Defense Forces personnel, 12 foreign military personnel and civilian students. Through serious discussions based on the common missions of peacekeeping, we were able to overcome language and cultural differences, deepen mutual understanding, and gain solidarity, as well as foster trust and respect for each other`s countries.
@In this way, forums for international cooperation that unite under a common missions and value are very important in deepening understanding and trust between countries. I once again felt the great significance of doing so.
@I will continue to make efforts to utilize the knowledge, skills, and international sensibilities I have acquired through this course in future international cooperation and training opportunities.

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  • LCDR SHIBATA Tomohiro in the 12th UNSOC


Lieutenant Colonel KOSSMANN Ralf

Participating in UNSOC Japan 2024 was an honor for me. The course provided essential academic foundations for a UN Staff Officer, emphasizing practical skills during an INSTEX. UN-mission experienced instructors demonstrated impressive expertise and excellent training skills. The course organization as a whole and the training setup were exceptionally good, and the friendly support from Japanese students enhanced the experience.
@All in all, a course that prepares you very well for a position as a staff officer in UN HQLs.
@I highly recommend joining UNSOC in Japan.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel KOSSMANN Ralf in the 12th UNSOC

Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Lieutenant Colonel Ho Tien Hung

gGlobe and diversity via Japan UNSOC 2024h

I'm currently working in the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations and have had opportunities to serve under UN flags in MINUSCA and UNMISS, therefore, I'm so eager to attend this course to understand more theory and express experience sharing.
@The course has brought together enough professionalism and practical application with the participation of representatives of different continents, religions, and ethnicities, and runs the course lively and thoughtfully.
@The lecturers have great teaching and practical experience, especially can combine passive knowledge transfer with giving exercises and questions for learners to actively answer. The students were attracted to the lecture content and drill practice and the course results proved it.
@I feel the seriousness and professionalism of Japanese students when working but are very open and enthusiastic with international guests after class. Thanks to the course, I had the opportunity to explore and understand more about your country and people as well as international friends on other continents.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Ho Tien Hung in the 12th UNSOC

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