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Comments from students in fiscal 2022

Comments from the 11th PKOCCC student(international)
(July 4 - 22, 2022)
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I was very delighted and impressed to take part of this 11 Peacekeeping Operation Commanderfs Course in Japan in this fantastic facility and Institution.
@I had been several countries throughoutly military life on different courses, but what impressed me most was the intensify of learned materials to cover the professionalism of all participants Staff and instructors.
@All these integrated factors coutributed lots and would have a lasting effect on me.
@In this short period, I accomplished lots of knowledge of million of UNPKO.
@So, I will keep in mind all the time that << The culture of peace must prevail.>>
@Thank you very much for everything.

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  • Colonel IBRAHIM Ali FARAH in the 11th PKOCCC


Lieutenant Colonel Adam Barsby

The first post COVID19 Peace Keeping Operations Contingent Commanderfs Course was conducted 11-22 July 2022.
@As the Canadian Armed Forces participant I was one of ten students, two of whom were international.
@Prior to arrival the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center(JPC) ensured we were able to enter Japan in the new post-COVID environment.
@Throughout the course the JPC staff, instructors and fellow students ensured we felt welcome.
@The course was conducted in the most professional manner.
@The instructors were always well prepared and presented quality lectures, offering their own experiences and allowing time for students and staff to also share their stories.
@The JPC staff kept us up to date on protocols and ensured we felt include.
@My entire experience with JPC was positive.
@I will recommend to Canada that we continue to send students to PKOCCC and other courses conducted at the Centre.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Adam Barsby in the 11th PKOCCC

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Comments from the FY2021 UNSOC (special) student
(January 24 - February 4, 2022)
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Maintenance Department, Northeastern Army Depo, GSDF (at the time of the course)

Major BAMBA Yuki

gTo contribute to the MODfs efforts in the security arenah

I feel grateful to be allowed to join the training at the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center of the Joint Staff College in this time of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The curriculum of this training was truly meaningful, focusing on the mission of staff officers to be deployed in international peace cooperation activities. It included lectures by officers who have the experience of dispatch, and also covered the planning, which is the decision-making process necessary for the development of the plans. Surrounded by the instructors who trained us with affection and careful preparation, and the brilliant classmates who are familiar with things in a variety of fields, I found the training very fulfilling.
@On entering this course, I gave myself the theme gContribution to the MODfs security arenah, and there systematically learned gleadershiph, gimpartialityh, grespect for diversityh, gthinking process required for staff officersh and more while recalling my experience of liaison duty in English and French during the dispatch to Djibouti.
@I will make use of the results of this training in my duty, and continue to make efforts to be able to contribute to the MODfs security arena based on the precious experience with the instructors and classmates as well as knowledge and thoughts Ifve acquired.
@Thank you very much.

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  • Major BANBA in the FY2021 UNSOC (special)

Strategic Studies Department, Command and Staff College, MSDF (at the time of the course)


gParticipation in the FY2021 UNSOC (special)h

I had the precious opportunity to join the FY2021 UNSOC (special) this time.
@I strongly felt the following two points during the course.
@One is that staff officers who support the function of headquarters also need to understand the history and challenges (such as gender issues and safety ensuring) of peacekeeping operations in the changing international community. I strongly felt this from lectures by the visiting lecturer from out of the SDF and the SDF personnel who is currently working in the United Nations headquarters.
@The other one is that the staff activity stipulated by the UN doctrine has a lot in common with the SDF. And in the group exercises, I truly realized how important it is to logically develop plans while keeping the end state in mind.
@I hope to make use of knowledge and experience gained from this course in my work and further improve myself.

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  • LCDR OKUDA in the FY2021 UNSOC (special)

Research Division, International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit, GSDF (at the time of the course)


gParticipation in the FY2021 UNSOC (special)h

It was extremely fortunate for me to be able to participate in the FY2021 UNSOC (special) thanks to the support of my bosses and colleagues.
@This UNSOC was held under various restrictions compared to the usual year due to the novel coronavirus, but the thorough anti-infection measures, well-devised curriculum, and great instructors made it possible for me to learn a lot of things.
@In this course, I not only learned the basics of international activities but also acquired practical knowledge from the lectures and exercises such as the UN standard planning process, and improved my capability.
@I will push forward with my work building on what Ifve learned in this course.

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  • Mr. UMEDERA in the FY2021 UNSOC (special)

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