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Comments from students in fiscal 2019

Comments on the 8th PKOCCC
(Jul. 8 - 26, 2019)

Australia: LTC

Katherine Elise Holbeck

I was fortunate to attend the 8th Peacekeeping Operations Contingent Commandersf Course in Japan during July 2019. I was interested in the course due to my role as Commaning Officer of the 39th Operational Support Battalion, which provides pre-deployment training to all Australian Defense Force individuals deploying to the Middle East region and on United Nations operations. I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality administration, the calibre of the staff (both at JPC and our visiting instructors), the pragmatic and detailed instruction, and the practical exercises used to amplify the lessons. I feel confident that I can use everything I have observed and learned for the improvement of my own training in Australia. A massive thank you to JPC for the opportunity to attend this excellent training activity.

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Germany: LTC

Volker Hahn

iAs head of the advisory group at the United Nations Training Center of the German Armed Forces, I have already been able to take part in several courses in several countries. The 8th Peacekeeping Contingent Commandersf Course represents, in my these experiences, a positive pecuriality. First class UN-experienced teaching staff, a modern and impressive learning atmosphere, as well as a wonderfully hospitable country, allowed me the quick access to the course.
@Attention to detail, combined with a great deal of joy in passing knowledge, made it easier for the participants from 11 different nations to be well-prepared to face their future tasks as contingent commanders in the UN mission. Still the motto of Nelson Mandela: gIt always seems impossible until it is done!h

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India: COL

Rajkumar Pranjal Gohain

I had the privilege to attend the PKOCC Course in 2019. The course afforded me an indepth insight into the role and expectations from contingent commander. The course has been extremely well structured with well researched course material, extremely competent instructors training us with good training medium which, in addition to presentations, included group discussions, excercises and role play. The vast personal experiences shared by the instructors were invaluable and an excellent value addition, and enabled better understanding. I feel the course has been an outstanding experience for me and I feel more aware and empowered as a prospective cotingent commander.

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Thailand: LTC

Kaisin Sasunee

I am LTC Kaisin Sasunee. I will be serving in the UNMISS as a company commander of the second rotation of the Thai Horizontal Military Engineering Company.
@It has truly been my great honor to be part in the 8th PKOCCC. I have gained lots of knowledge, from subject matter experts and classmates who shared experiences from outstanding UN missions around the world. I am sure that this valuable opportunity and experience will help prepare me for the UNMISS this coming December 2019.
@Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the instructors, my fellows and classmates, and members of staff who organized and participated in this wonderful event.

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