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Comments from students in fiscal 2020

Comments on the 19th basic course
(Sep. 28 - Oct. 2, 2020)

119th Training Batallion, North Eastern Army Combined Brigade

MAJ. UEKUSA Katsuaki

"Participation in the 19th Basic Course"

With the understanding of my boss and colleagues, I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 19th basic course. Through the lectures of instructors with abundant knowledge and experiences, dispatched officers of the SDF, and a NGO official, I learned about organization of the UN, transition and achievements of its activities, frameworks of international and domestic laws, and deployment process as well as deepened my understanding about the background of the time when I was engaged in reconstruction assistance in Iraq, which I had aspired to do since then
Also in the extracurricular projects I worked on with classmates from the ground, maritime and air self-defense forces, the ministry of defense and the cabinet office, we could deepen not only understanding of what we learned from the lectures but also mutual understanding between us including each otherfs regular work and cultural differences, which will be my lifetime asset.
I hope to make use of the results of this course for training new recruits and reserve candidates who are highly interested in international contribution and to continue efforts including studying English, which I have failed to do for a while, to maintain my readiness for overseas missions.

  • A‘‚R²—lŽq‚P
  • A‘‚R²—lŽq‚Q

  • MAJ. UEKUSE in the 19th basic course

  • A‘‚R²ƒCƒ‰ƒN‚P
  • A‘‚R²ƒCƒ‰ƒN‚Q
  • When he was in the 1st contingent of Iraq Reconstruction and Support Group, Jan. ? Jun., 2004

International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit, GSDF

1LT. TAKANO Kazuomi

"Participation from a peacekeeping training unit"

I am engaged in work related to peacekeeping operations as an evaluation officer at the International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit of the ground self-defense force. I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the 19th basic course in September 2020 under thorough anti-infection measures in an environment adapted to the new norms with COVID-19. Interaction with intelligent instructors and a variety of participants who have various international experience broadened my insights and led to the development of multifaceted perspectives. I am also convinced that the network of connections I developed on this occasion is one of my greatest achievements. I will build on this experience to push forward with my work. Thank you very much.

  • ûü–ì‚QˆÑ—lŽq‚P
  • ûü–ì‚QˆÑ—lŽq‚Q
Weapon Officer, JS Yudachi (DD-103)


"Systematic knowledge and diverse connections"

I had the opportunity to attend the 19th basic course. There are two appealing point about this course. One is to be able to learn systematic knowledge about international peace cooperation activities from experienced instructors. The other is to be able to build a diverse network of connections through exchanges with personnel from the ground, maritime and air self-defense forces as well as other organizations including the cabinet office.
In the current situation where not only joint but also cross-ministerial international peace cooperation activities are becoming increasingly important, I will build on the experience of this course and push forward with my work.

  • –kŒ´‚R²—lŽq‚P
  • –kŒ´‚R²—lŽq‚Q
403rd Tactical Airlift Squadron, 3rd Tactical Airlift Group


"Toward dispatch as a cargo aircraft operator"

Through this course, I acquired a wide range of knowledge namely about laws related to international peace cooperation and the United Nationsf activities. In addition, the course has an efficient curriculum studded with discussions and research projects so the knowledge sinks in. I will further expand the knowledge gained in the course and when Ifm dispatched overseas as a cargo aircraft operator, I will make use of the knowledge and experience to push forward with my mission.

  • “ŒƒPú±‚PˆÑ—lŽq‚P
  • “ŒƒPú±‚PˆÑ—lŽq‚Q
Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation HQ, Cabinet Office


"For better civil-military coordination"

In light of todayfs increasingly complex and protracted conflicts, international peace cooperation activities have to build sustainable peace with a higher perspective under a new approach of gcoordination between humanitarianism, development and peace.h
As a civilian, I was trying to find a way for organic civil-military coordination when I had the opportunity to participate in this course, where I learned comprehensive knowledge from well-experienced instructors as well as got a great deal of suggestions from opinions and questions of SDF members who are active in various fields.

  • ˆî—tŒ¤‹†ˆõ—lŽq‚P
  • ˆî—tŒ¤‹†ˆõ—lŽq‚Q

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Comments on the 8th UNSOC
(Jan. 27 - Feb. 19, 2020)

Germany: LTC

Daniel Klein

I had the privilege to attend the UNSOC 2020 here in Japan. I was deeply impressed with a high quality administration, the calibre of the staff (both at JPC and our visiting instructors), the pragmatic and detailed instruction and the practical exercises used to amplify the lessons. First class UN- experienced teaching staff, a modern and impressive learning atmosphere as well as very good colleagues from 8 different countries, allowed me the quick access to the course. The UNSOC 2020 has been an outstanding experience for me and I feel more aware and empowered as a prospective UN Staff Officer. A massive thank you to JPC for the opportunity to attend this excellent training activity.

  • ƒNƒŒƒCƒ“—¤ŒR’†²‚P
  • ƒNƒŒƒCƒ“—¤ŒR’†²‚Q

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