Defense Cooperation and Exchanges

Defense cooperation and exchanges

“Defense cooperation and exchanges” refers to efforts to strengthen bilateral and multilateral defense relations by using various tools, which are significant initiatives for securing the peace and stability of Japan and the international community.

Purpose of defense cooperation and exchanges

Tools for defense cooperation and exchanges

Tool 1: Cooperation and exchanges among people

On such occasions as the “2+2” Meeting, defense ministerial meetings, chief of staff-level meetings or other high-level meetings, working-level consultations among defense authorities, and multilateral international conferences, participants frankly exchange views on defense policies, regional situations, defense cooperation and exchanges, etc., thereby developing mutual understanding and building confidence among them and further promoting defense cooperation and exchanges thereafter. Exchanges of students and interchange in education and research aim to facilitate understanding of defense policies and statuses of military units of other countries and promote relations of trust through network building.

Japan-India defense
ministerial meeting
Chief of Staff of the French Army
visiting GSDF Chief of Staff
Tokyo Defense Forum
Acceptance of foreign students at
the National Defense Academy

Tool 2: Cooperation and exchanges among troops

Through goodwill exercise, mutual visits of naval ships and aircraft (calling at ports and airports), and exchange events among units, mutual trust with partner countries is developed and cooperative relationships are promoted. Bilateral and multilateral exercises aim to enhance SDF’s capability to cooperate with troops of other countries and strengthen defense relations among relevant countries, in addition to improve personnel’s skills.

Visit of representatives of ASEAN
member countries to an SDF base
Japan-India bilateral
exercise in the IPD2019
Joint training with the United States and Australia
Port call at the Port of Subic
(the Philippines) in the IPD2019

Tool 3: Capacity building

Capacity building project by holding seminars and field training in various fields, providing technical guidance, and organizing observation of education and training programs and opinion exchanges, etc. aims to improve the capabilities of partner countries in a concrete and steady manner over a certain period of time and help their military forces play roles in contributing to international peace and regional stability.

Seminar on aviation meteorology
Field training for HA/DR
Seminar on undersea unexploded
ordnance clearance (Vietnam)
Technical education for a military band
(Papua New Guinea)

Tool 4: Defense equipment and technical cooperation

Through overseas transfers of equipment, joint research and development, participation in international exhibitions, and holding of the Defence Industry Forum, efforts are made to strengthen and maintain Japan’s defense industrial base, enhance capacity both of the SDF and military forces of partner countries, and strengthen and maintain defense cooperation with those partner countries.

Transfer of TC-90 training aircraft
to the Philippines
Joint research with the United Kingdom
Paris Air Show
Japan-India Defence Industry Forum

(Reference) Conclusion of various defense cooperation agreements

Through concluding such agreements as Information Security Agreements, Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements, Agreements concerning Transfer of Defence Equipment and Technology, the framework of cooperation has been materialized and institutionalized with the aim of promoting defense cooperation and exchanges more smoothly and stably.

Signing of the Japan-Canada Acquisition
and Cross-Servicing Agreement
Signing of the Japan-France Acquisition
and Cross-Servicing Agreements
Signing of the Japan-Italy Agreement concerning
Transfer of Defence Equipment and Technology
Signing of the Japan-Australia
Information Security Agreement