(3) Major Missile Defense Exercises

Cooperation with the U.S. is essential for efficient and effective operation of ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems.

In 2011, MSDF and U.S. Navy ships conducted their first bilateral BMD exercise. In subsequent years, Japan-U.S. BMD exercises have evolved to increase joint-ness and complexity. Since 2019, three SDF services and U.S. forces have staged integrated air defense & BMD exercises. These events have served to maintain and improve Japan-U.S. combined operation capabilities as well as SDF's joint operation capabilities.

To strengthen Japan-U.S.-South Korea cooperation, the three countries since 2016 have conducted BMD information sharing training.

On the unilateral side, ASDF since 2017 has carried out training for mobile deployment of its BMD asset, PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability Three). Venues for the training include, in addition to SDF and U.S. forces installations, civil areas and facilities such as public parks. These training events have served to improve ASDF's BMD capability as well as to provide reassurance to the Japanese public.

1. Japan-U.S. Integrated Air and Missile Defense Exercise

Feb. 2021

Japan-U.S. Integrated Air and Missile Defense Exercise in FY2020

Japan and U.S. BMD-capable destroyers conduct special MD exercises simulating ballistic missile interception
The exercise expands to include three SDF services and USFJ

Improve SDF jointness and Japan-U.S. combined MD response

2. Japan-U.S.-ROK Ballistic Missile Information Sharing Exercise

  • Trilateral missile warning exercises have been held since 2016
  • Strengthen trilateral cooperation

Past events

Date Location JPN ship
2016.6.28 Hawaii DDG Chokai
2016.11.9-10 Japan DDG Chokai
2017.1.20-22 Japan DDG Kirishima
2017.3.14 Japan DDG Kirishima
2017.10.24-25 Japan DDG Kirishima, DDG Myoko
2017.12.11-12 Japan DDG Chokai

3. PAC-3 Maneuver Deployment Training

Deployment in public areas

Oct. 2019

Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

Nov. 2019

Aichi Prefectural Korogi Sports Park

Deployment at USFJ facilities

Mar. 2021

Kadena Air Base

  • Consistent PAC-3 deployment training since 2017
  • SDF bases, USFJ facilities and public areas
  • Strengthen SDF's BMD capability
  • Reassure the public

※ conducted 4 training sessions in 2020 FY