Regarding the incident of an ROK naval vessel directing its fire-control radar at an MSDF patrol aircraft

December 28, 2018
Ministry of Defense

The original text is in Japanese.

The Ministry of Defense (MOD) released the footage filmed by the fixed-wing patrol aircraft (P-1) of the Maritime Self Defense Force (MSDF) regarding the incident occurred on Thursday, December 20, in which an ROK Navy's Gwanggaeto-daewang class destroyer directed a fire-control radar at a P-1 belonging to the MSDF (Atsugi).

The footage contains scenes where the MSDF P-1 is hit multiple times continuously over a certain period by the fire-control radar. In addition, it was recorded that the MSDF P-1 was flying at a certain altitude and distance safe enough from the destroyer. Moreover, the footage shows that the MSDF P-1 called out "KOREA SOUTH NAVAL SHIP, HULL NUMBER 971" three times in English in an attempt to confirm the intent of the radar irradiation.

A part of the sound in the footage is processed for information security.


(MOD channel) (한국어)