PKO (Civil Engineering)


Program Outline

Period3 December, 2013 - 18 March, 2014
LocationNPMEC in Odongk, Kampong Speu
RecipientNPMEC (Cambodia's PKO center)
Delegation 1 official from International Policy Division, MOD
4 JGSDF personnel (16 personnel for the road construction activity)
6 staffs from a civilian organization

 The JMOD/SDF has been assisting the Cambodian military to improve its civil engineering capability, such as road construction, since 2012 in order to assist Cambodia to contribute to UN Peacekeeping Operations. The Royal Cambodian Army personnel who joined the first JMOD program are now contributing to UN PKO activities as members of UN PKO engineering units in Lebanon and Mali and have also become trainers for Cambodian military personnel.
 In FY2013, more JSDF personnel were dispatched than the last program. These personnel conducted civil engineering education and training, including road construction, for four months. Participants from the second program are expected to not only acquire practical skills to construct roads and bridges but also become trainers who will help prepare Cambodian military personnel prior to future PKO deployments.


Opening ceremony in 3 January 2013
  Approx. 150 attended including PKO Minister and Japanese ambassador, Cambodia personnel, etc.
Minister's speech
Delegation from the JSDF
and a civilian organization
Delegation and recipient

Signing ceremony of intergovernmental agreement between Japan-Cambodia held after the opening ceremony


PKO education for each trainee

Road Construction (Maintenance 210 meters road as practical training)