Japan-China Defense Ministers’ Meeting (Summary)

in Japanese

June 1st, 2019
Ministry of Defense

On June 1st, 2019, from 12:20, local time, Defense Minister Iwaya, who was visiting Singapore to attend the IISS Asia Security Conference (Shangri-La Dialogue), had a defense ministerial meeting with Chinese Minister of Defence Wei Fenghe for half an hour. The summary of the meeting is as follows:

2. Overall

  1. (1) Both Ministers welcomed the fact that their communication is becoming closer with the fruition of this ministerial meeting, following the one held last October, amid a period during which Japan prepares itself to host the G20 summit this month. Both Ministers shared their views to continue the dialogues, including their mutual visits.
  2. (2) Both Ministers welcomed the fact that various dialogues and exchanges are being implemented between the two defense authorities, and they shared their views to continue promoting mutual understanding and confidence.

2. Japan-China Defense Exchanges

  1. (1) Both Ministers shared the recognition of the importance to realize the mutual visits between the Japanese Defense Minister and the Chinese Minister of Defence as soon as possible, as agreed in the Japan-China summit meeting. To this end, both Ministers confirmed to realize Minister Iwaya’s visit to China at an earliest possible timing this year. Moreover, the two Ministers shared the view to promote high-level mutual visits, including the ones between the Japanese Chief of Staff, Joint Staff and the Chinese Chief of the Joint Staff Department.
  2. (2) Both Ministers welcomed the realization of: (1) Japanese Maritime Chief of Staff’s visit to China this April for the first time in approximately five years; and (2) the JMSDF vessel’s port call to China in the same month for the first time in approximately seven and a half year. The Ministers confirmed to advance coordination to realize a port call by a Chinese vessel to Japan.
  3. (3) Both Ministers shared views to send a delegation from Japan, consisting of JSDF commanders and staff officers, to the Eastern Theater Command within this year following the Eastern Theater Command delegation’s visit to Japan made last November.
  4. (4) With respect to the Maritime and Aerial Communication Mechanism between the Defense Authorities of Japan and China, both Minister welcomed that the mechanism has been effectively in operation since its initiation, and they also confirmed that technical coordination is steadily progressing for an early establishment of the hotline.

3. Regional situations

On the situation of North Korea, Minister Iwaya expressed his willingness to cooperate with China for the denuclearization of North Korea. In addition, both ministers shared their recognition on the importance of a stable East China Sea.