PKO(civil engineering)

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Program Outline
Period 13 May - 4 June 2024
Location Mongolian Army Unit 234 (Bulgan Province)
Recipient 45 Mongolian Army Engineering Unit personnel
Delegation 1 official from Indo-Pacific Regional Policy Division, JMOD
11 JGSDF personnel

Since 2014, the JMOD/JGSDF has been implementing PKO (civil engineering) activities as a way to support the Mongolian Army’s training in road construction, a necessary skill for engineering units to deploy to UN peacekeeping operations.

Since 2021, the JMOD/JGSDF has conducted three phases of this particular capacity building activity. Phase 1 (2014-2016) provided basic road construction training, and Phase 2 (2017-2019) offered more advanced road construction training, including techniques to build road drainage facilities.

In phase 3, the JMOD/JGSDF worked with Mongolian Army instructors on methodology for teaching road construction, along with providing guidance on training in road surveying. The aim was to enhance the Mongolian Army’s ability to comprehensively manage all aspects of road construction.

This year, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the program’s commencement, the training was conducted in Bulgan Province and covered broader aspects of road construction, including asphalt pavement, culvert structure, and survey training.

By deepening our defense relationship with the Mongolian Army and providing an avenue to share experiences and knowledge, this project will further contribute to advancing cooperation between our two countries.


Training on asphalt pavement construction
Training on asphalt pavement construction
Training on asphalt pavement construction (Use of plate compactor)
Training on asphalt pavement construction
Adjusting the Asphalt Finisher