Breakfast Meeting with the Representatives of the Four Asia-Pacific Partners (AP4) of the North Atlantic Organization (NATO)

September 7, 2022
Ministry of Defense

in Japanese

 On September 7, 2022, Mr. Oka, Vice Minister of Defense for International Affairs, who is visiting Seoul to attend the 11th Seoul Defense Dialogue, joined a breakfast meeting with the representatives of defense authorities of four Asia-Pacific partners (AP4) of the North Atlantic Organization (NATO), namely Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea.

 At the meeting, the four representatives of defense authorities exchanged their views on the current security environment such as the Indo-Pacific region, North Korea and Ukraine. Vice Minister Oka stated that as confirmed at the Leaders’ Meeting of AP4 of NATO in June, the security of the Indo-Pacific and Europe is indivisible and it is important to deepen the cooperation between AP4 and NATO.

 The four representatives of defense authorities shared the view that they will closely coordinate and promote their cooperation as NATO partners, making use of their respective advantages, and deepen communication between the Indo-Pacific and NATO.