International disaster relief activities in Kingdom of Tonga (volcanic eruption)

Dispatch period 

 from January 20, 2022

Place of dispatch
・Local Communication Post

Place of dispatch Australia
Main Mission

・Gathering information on the disaster situation and local activities

・Coordination with relevant agencies of Australia, relevant countries, etc.

International Disaster Relief Air Transport Unit, etc. for Kingdom of Tonga

Main Mission Transportation of disaster relief supplies
Main Equipment C-130H x 2, C-2x 2

Joint Task Force for International Emergency Relief Activities for Kingdom of Tonga

Main Mission Transportation of disaster relief supplies
Main Equipment transport ship "OSUMI" , CH-47×2


 Regarding the damage to the Kingdom of Tonga caused by the underwater volcanic eruption off the coast of Tonga in the South Pacific, Defense Minister Kishi issued an order to implement International Disaster Relief Activities after consultation with Foreign Minister Hayashi.
 Upon this order, JMOD/JSDF dispatched two C-130H aircrafts to Kingdom of Tonga on January 20 to transport disaster relief supplies(drinking water). In addition, two C-2 aircrafts will be dispatched.
 Transport ship "OSUMI" is also scheduled to depart for the area to transport disaster relief supplies as soon as supplies are ready.


Departure of the Air Transport Unit (January 20)


The Air Transport Unit arrives in Australia (January 21)



The Air Transport Unit in Tonga, delivering drinking water (January 22)


Warm Welcome by Tongan people


Activities of the Air Tranport Unit (January 24)


Departure of the Joint Task Force (January 24)


The Air Transport Unit resumes mission (January 29)


Activities of the Air Tranport Unit (February 2)


Activities of the Joint Task Force (February 9)


Return of the Joint Task Force


Report of return

 On March 7, DM Kishi received reports via videoconference from the commanders of units engaged in International Disaster Relief Activities in the Kingdom of Tonga, and expressed his appreciation to the personnel who have delivered the wishes of the Japanese people to Tonga.