Underwater UXO Clearance

Program Outline
Period 12 Jan 2022
Location ONLINE( JMODTokyo), HanoiVietnam)
Recipient 8 officers from Vietnam People’s Navy
Delegation 3 officials from Indo-Pacific Regional Policy Division and 7 personnel from JMSDF


 On Jan 12, the JMOD/SDF and Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) held an online seminar in the field of underwater unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance.

 The JMSDF shared knowledge about a number of its teaching and training resources associated with underwater UXO clearance, by providing lectures about its standard operating procedures and training curriculum. The seminar contributed to enhancing the safety of the VPN and their capacity to deal with underwater UXO clearance operations.

 Under the “Japan-Vietnam Defense Cooperation at the New Level”, JAPAN and VIETNAM agreed to further accelerate various collaborative efforts by making the most of each other’s strengths and resources. The JMOD/SDF is committed to contributing further to the peace and stability of the region and the international community.


Seminar site in JMOD

Seminar site in VPN

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Seminar site in JMOD

Seminar site in JMOD