Capacity building assistance to Mongolia FY 2021: PKO(civil engineering)

Program Outline
Period 27 August ― 14 September 2021

Mongolian Army HQ (Tov province)


47 Mongolian Army Personnel, including 5 instructors

Delegation 1 official from Indo-Pacific Regional Policy Division, JMOD and 9 JGSDF personnel

JMOD/JGSDF began this project in 2014 to contribute to the training of Mongolian Army personnel in the field of road construction, a skill that is required to enable deployments to UN peacekeeping operations.

For the first three years (Phase 1), JMOD provided road construction training, including in land surveying, and designing and constructing gravel and asphalt roads.

From 2017, for the second three years of the project (Phase 2), JMOD began more advanced road construction training, including methods to build road drainage, to support the Mongolian Army acquire enhanced skills applicable to PKO. In Phase 2, JMOD also provided training to instructors, so that the Mongolian Army could construct roads independently in the future.

As an initial activity of Phase 3, this year JMOD offered not only guidance and advice to Mongolian instructors to train students in road construction, but also technical assistance in road surveying in order to support the Mongolian Army independently manage all aspects of road construction in the future.

This training was the first in-country activity to take place for any of our capacity building programs since the pandemic. Prior to the face-to-face component of the training, JMOD provided guidance and lectures on road construction and surveying online. And on 3 September, once all JMOD personnel had concluded a quarantine period, the planned training activities were conducted after an opening ceremony.

We took necessary and appropriate preventive measures against COVID-19 during the in-country training and completed our mission safely and successfully.

Guidance and lectures on road surveying
Guidance and lectures on road surveying
Guidance on construction schedule management


Mentoring Mongolian instructors to train students in road construction(Grading the road)

Mentoring Mongolian instructors to train students in road construction(Formwork of culvert)

Mentoring Mongolian instructors to train students in road construction(Completion of culvert)


Closing ceremony