Defense Minister Kishi visited HMSQNLZ

 4-5 SEP, HMS QNLZ leading CSG21 and RFA Tidespring reached Yokosuka respectively. JMOD/JSDF welcomes the visit as a demonstration of Japan–UK defense cooperation–standing on a long history and tradition- has elevated to a “new level”.

 HMS QNLZ is the flagship of CSG21 and is a symbol of Royal Navy named after Elizabeth2nd. This visit is a proof of further development of JP-UK defense cooperation and JMOD/JSDF will continue working to uphold and reinforce FOIP through strengthening JP-UK relationship


 Defense Minister Kishi, GEN Yamazaki and ADM Yamamura visited HMSQNLZ . DM Kishi conducted the joint press announcement on board with British Ambassador and the commander of CSG21 and stated his determination to continue to develop JP-UK defense cooperation.