UK Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21) Visit to Japan

 On April 26 local time, the UK announced its Carrier Strike Group led by the UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will visit Japan. Japan welcomes this announcement as this would further promote practical Japan-UK security and defence cooperation, which has deepened in recent years.

 Japan is confident that the CSG visit to Japan will: (1) be a symbol that the UK-Japan relationship that has long history and tradition has elevated to a “new level;” (2) demonstrate the UK commitment and Japan-UK collaboration to uphold and reinforce a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in the realm of security and defence; and (3) drive forward peace and stability of the region. Japan will closely cooperate with the UK towards the implementation of bilateral and multilateral exercises during this visit.

 It was also announced that a Royal Netherlands Navy Frigate will join the CSG21. This Netherlands Frigate will visit Japan. Japan also welcomes this visit as it would further develop Japan-Netherlands relationship, which has a long history. Japan will closely coordinate with the Netherlands so the visit would contribute to the Free and Open Indo-Pacific.