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JPC Activities & Events 2015

Participation in the ASEAN Peacekeeping Centers’ Forum 2015

 Dr. Ken Nakabayashi, Executive Research Fellow, the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC), participated in the ASEAN Peacekeeping Centers’ Forum 2015, held in Malaysia from 3 to 5 December 2015.

 It became a good opportunity to share information concerning challenges the ASEAN member countries face in the peacekeeping activities. Dr. Nakabayashi introduced activities conducted by the JPC, which promoted the understanding of our efforts. All of the participants increased their mutual understanding through intensive dialogues.

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Visit to the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre

 Colonel Yoshihiro Yamasaki, Director of the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) and another Research Officer from the JPC visited the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre (MPC) from 27 to 31 October, 2015.

 The Malaysian Peacekeeping Training Center, the predecessor of the MPC, was established in 1995 and rebranded as the MPC in 2013. The primary mission of the MPC is to train the Malaysian Armed Forces personnel responsible for peacekeeping activities. During the visit, our personnel deepened their understanding of the MPC’s situation and were able to observe the center’s activities. In addition, there was a beneficial exchange of opinions between the two directors. This visit will allow the JPC to contribute toward more effective international peacekeeping activities in the future.

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JPC Co-hosted Training of Trainers

 The Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) hosted the United Nations (UN) Training of Trainers (TOT) in Tokyo, with the support of the UN, from 12 - 23 October, 2015.

 This training program has been co-sponsored by the UN, and its member countries, in order to foster instructors in their national peacekeeping training institutes or their peacekeeping troops. This was the first time the program was held in Japan. Five people including instructors from the UN Headquarters visited Japan for the program, which was focused on UN Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC). There were 27 participants from 14 different countries in the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East regions, among whom were six Japanese participants (four from Ground Self-Defense Force (one of them from the JPC), one from Maritime Self-Defense Force and one from Air Self-Defense Force).

 All lectures, group discussions, and presentations were conducted in English. The participants quickly eased into the event and engaged in a lively discussion. Their in-depth dialogue enabled them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be PKO instructors.

 The JPC will continue to contribute to, and support, educational services for international peace cooperation activities.

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Participation in the Annual IAPTC Conference

 Colonel Hidenori Ichigi, the Senior Research Officer of the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC), participated in the annual conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers (IAPTC) which was held in Brazil from 28 September to 1 October, 2015.

 The IAPTC hosts an annual conference with the intent of exchanging information and fostering mutual understanding among people affiliated with the education and training of peacekeeping operations for military, police, education/training centers, and civilian organizations in their respective countries. This year’s theme was, “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Training through Integration, Partnerships and Evaluation.” As many as 218 participants from 52 different countries gathered together at the conference this year. It was a good opportunity to not only collect information and lessons regarding peacekeeping training, but to also promote the understanding of our education efforts and build networks with personnel from various countries.

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Participation in the Gender Field Advisor Course

 Major Takaaki TANAKA, a Research Officer in the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC), participated in the Gender Field Advisor Course, held at the Swedish Armed Forces International Center (SWEDINT) from 24 August to 4 September 2015.

 There were 31 students (12 male and 19 female) from 21 countries who participated in the course, which provided the knowledge and skills necessary for a gender field advisor, whose task is to support commanding officers and their staffs in both the planning process and during on-going operations, to make sure that we have a gender perspective in all decisions.

 The JPC strives to contribute to international peace cooperation activities by participating in courses such as the Gender Field Advisor Course.

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AU Commissioner for Peace and Security Visits the JPC

 Ambassador Smail Chergui, the African Union (AU) Commissioner for Peace and Security, made a visit to the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) at the Joint Staff College (JSC) on 6 March, 2015.

 During a courtesy call with the Commandant of the JSC, Ambassador Chergui expressed his appreciation for the operations conducted by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, including the UN peacekeeping operations in the South Sudan and the anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden.

 During his visit Ambassador Chergui also received a briefing on the JPC and then participated in a forum where there was a fruitful exchange of opinions.
 During this forum he showed a high level of interest in the JPC, asking questions about the training courses and exercises the JPC offers, and its cooperative relationships with other PKO centers in the Asia-Pacific region.

 Since August 2010, the JPC has been regularly invited to lecture at PKO centers in several African countries, including the Republic of Mali, the Republic of Ghana, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Republic of Kenya, and the Republic of South Africa.

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The UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Visits the JPC

 Mr. Herve Ladsous, the Under-Secretary-General of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), visited the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) at the Joint Staff College (JSC) on 14 January, 2015.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office, invited Mr. Ladsous to Japan so he could exchange views with government officials related to peacekeeping operations (PKO.) As a part of the tour, he made a visit to the Ministry of Defense and the JPC, which provides education and training for PKO.

 During this exchange of opinions, Mr. Ladsous stressed the important role of Japan as it contributes more actively to the international peace and security as a "proactive contributor to peace." Also, he expressed an expectation that the JPC will become a “Mecca” for the PKO-related education of military personnel, police officers, and civilians.

 The friendly relationship between the DPKO and the JSC has become stronger since Lieutenant General Maqsood Ahmed, Military Adviser of the DPKO, was invited to be a guest speaker at the “International Peace & Security Symposium 2014” organized by the JSC last December.

 In order to live up to the high expectations of the UN, the JPC will redouble our efforts to meet the various challenges of providing education in this field, so that we may better respond to integrated UN missions.

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