Japan-China Defense Ministers’ Video Teleconference

December 14, 2020
Japan Ministry of Defense
in Japanese

On December 14, 2020, Minister KISHI held a video teleconference with Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe for approximately 95 minutes.

  1. State Councilor Wei congratulated Minister Kishi on his appointment as Minister of Defense. Minister Kishi expressed his appreciation.
  2. The two Ministers exchanged views on Japan-China relationship and the regional security issues. In light of the situation in the East China Sea, including the waters around the Senkaku Islands, which are an inherent part of the territory of Japan, Minister Kishi firmly delivered Japan’s position over the Senkaku Islands. Minister Kishi also conveyed Japan’s strong concerns about the attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by coercion, noting individual events such as PLA and Chinese government vessels’ activities and strongly urged to refrain from action that could escalate tensions. Regarding the situation in the South China Sea, Minister Kishi conveyed Japan’s concerns over the current situation, and pointed out the importance of the rule of law and self-restraint. Furthermore, Minister Kishi urged China to dispel international community’s concern by improving transparency over China’s defense policy and its military power.
  3. The two Ministers confirmed to continue communications between defense authorities considering the great importance of stable Japan-China relationship for peace, stability and prosperity in the region and also in the international community.
  4. The two Ministers welcomed the steady progress in coordinating the early establishment of a hotline between Japanese and Chinese defense authorities, which is part of the Maritime and Aerial Communication Mechanism between the Defense Authorities of Japan and China, and concurred to further accelerate the coordination for the establishment by exercising both Ministers’ leadership.