Monitoring and surveillance activities by Australia against illicit maritime activities including ship-to-ship transfers

Royal Australian Navy Patrol Aircraft P-8A(Source: Australian Department of Defense)

in Japanese

  1. From late-August to mid-September, Australia will engage in monitoring and surveillance activities of illicit maritime activities, including ship-to-ship transfers with North Korean-flagged vessels, prohibited by the United Nations Security Council resolutions (UNSCRs), using aircraft from Kadena Air Base under the Agreement Regarding the Status of the United Nations Forces in Japan. It will be the twelfth time for such activities to take place since 2018.
  2. Japan welcomes these activities from the viewpoint of ensuring effective implementation of the relevant UNSCRs while maintaining the solidarity of the international community for the realization of North Korea’s dismantlement of all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner.
  3. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force are also conducting information gathering activities for vessels suspected to be in violation of the UNSCRs, and Japan works closely with related countries.