FY2012 Cambodia Capacity Building Assistance Program: PKO (Civil Engineering)Cambodia

Dispatch Project

Outline of Program

Period 24 January - 20 March 2013
Location NPMEC in Ondong, Kompong Speu
Delegation 1 official from the Capacity Building Assistance Office, International Policy Division
4 GSDF personnel
6 staff from a private organization
Recipient NPMEC (Cambodia's PKO center)

  Through its capacity building assistance program, the JMOD has provided assistance to the Cambodian military to improve its capability to conduct road construction as part of its contribution to peacekeeping operations. The JMOD first dispatched a road construction unit to Cambodia around 20 years ago as part of UN peacekeeping operations. Cambodia has achieved domestic peace and stability and has now deployed over 1,400 personnel to 6 peacekeeping operations. The Cambodian military is now contributing to PKO activities in Lebanon and South Sudan.
The Cambodian military requested assistance from the JMOD/SDF as it hopes to conduct road construction as part of its future PKO missions.
In response to Cambodia's request, the JMOD/SDF dispatched 4 GSDF personnel, 6 staff from a private organization, and 1 official from the Capacity Building Assistance Office to Cambodia. The team provided civil engineering training and exercises at NPMEC (Cambodia's PKO center) over a two-month period.
Some Cambodian officers who participated in the training and exercises are expected to be dispatched to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon as engineers in November. They will conduct training for other personnel before being deployed. Japan's training and exercises contributed to both the Cambodian military's engineering capability and UN peacekeeping operations.