Vice Defense Minister Oniki’s visit to Yokota Air Base

On March 16, Vice Defense Minister Oniki confirmed preparations at USFJ Yokota Air Base to transport JSDF equipment etc. to Europe for delivery to Ukraine together with Mr. Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Ambassador to Japan and Mr. Oleksandr Semenyuk, Minister Counsellor of Ukrainian Embassy.

By transporting JSDF equipment etc. such as bulletproof vests, helmets, and cold weather gear via U.S. military aircraft, the governments of Japan and the U.S. showed solidarity with the people of Ukraine who face a national crisis.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine undermines the foundation of international order and cannot be condoned from the perspective of Japan’s security. This transport by U.S. military aircraft demonstrates the resolution of the Japanese and U.S. governments to act together with the international community under the Japan-U.S. Alliance.