Founding Vision of NDA

The National Defense Academy of Japan (NDA) is the only and integrated institution to train the Army, Navy and Air force cadets as the future leaders of the Japan’s Self- Defense Forces(JSDF) . Cadets of NDA are expected to develop themselves in all aspect , intellectually, physically and mentally.
The academy’s education and training programs are designed to broaden the cadets’ worldview, teach them to think analytically and critically, and develop their leadership qualities.

After graduation, cadets receive further training at the officer candidate schools of each of the three services of JSDF. NDA offers only basic military training for these services.

NDA Anniversary celebration

Prime Minister Yoshida and other guests attending an NDA Anniversary celebration (November 8, 1964)

Bust of Dr. Maki

Bust of Dr. Maki, the First President

About NDA