Characteristics of the NDA

The NDA is military academy which educates and trains future leaders of three Japan Self-Defense Forces. Its educational curricula perfectly satisfy the Japanese University Standards which other ordinary universities follow as well. Therefore graduates of the Academy receive academic degrees in Science, Engineering, or Social Science.

Unique points compared with Japanese universities in general.

  1. Cadets live on campus.
  2. Defense sciences are taught.
  3. Defense training is offered.
  4. Cadets are strongly recommended to join athletic clubs.
  5. Graduates are expected to become officers of the SDFs.
  6. Cadets get compensation, about 1 million 6 hundred thousand yen per annum.
  7. Prime Minister attends the Graduation Ceremony.

Unique points compared with most of the foreign military academies.

  1. It is a 3 services joint institution.
  2. The President is a civilian, and most of the teaching staffs are civilians too.
  3. Cadets receive additional military education at the 3 OCSs successively after graduation.

About NDA