The Duty of Joint Staff is as Follows

The Joint Staff is in charge of the following JGSDF, JMSDF and JASDF related affairs;

  1. Defense and Security Planning in terms of the smooth execution of the mission with Joint Operation
  2. Action plan
  3. Education and Training, Organization, Equipment, Deployment, Accounting, Acquisition, Logistics, Health and Hygiene, and Human Resource Planning and Execution needed to execute the above Action Plan
  4. In addition to the above article, Training Plan in terms of smooth mission execution of Joint Operation
  5. Research and Investigation for efficient operation of the services needed, relating to each of the above articles,
  6. Affairs to manage the forces and coordinate the operation needed to execute the services in charge
  7. Affairs relating to the services in charge, to execute the policy and plan which were set by the Minister of Defense
  8. In addition to each article above, liaison and adjustment needed to execute the affairs relating to the services
  9. Miscellaneous items ordered by the Minister of Defense