• 統合幕僚長 陸将


    吉田 圭秀YOSHIDA Yoshihide


    Mar. 2009 Commander, 39th Infantry Regiment and Commander,

          Camp Hirosaki

    Mar. 2010 Chief, Policy & Programs Division,

          Policy & Programs Department, GSO

    Mar. 2012 Director General, Public Affairs, Joint Staff

    Aug. 2013 Deputy Chief of Staff, Western Army

    Aug. 2015 Cabinet Councilor, National Security Secretariat,

          Cabinet Secretariat

    Aug. 2017 Commanding General, 8th Division, Western Army

    Aug. 2019 Commanding General, Northern Army

    Apr. 2020 Commanding General, Ground Component Command

    Mar. 2021 Chief of Staff, Ground Self-Defense Force

    Mar. 2023 Present Assignment