Japan Self-Defense Force participated in an annual exercise (Resident Shield 2023)

On February 17 and 20-22, 2023, Japan Self-Defense Force participated in an annual exercise (Resident Shield 2023), focuses on ballistic missile defense. Commander Escort Flotilla One, JS CHOKAI, and JS ASHIGARA took part in this exercise from Self-Defense Fleet.
"Resilient Shield allows our naval forces, alongside our Japanese counterparts, to train to high-end defense capabilities in a computer-based environment” said Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet Vice Adm. Karl Thomas. “This exercise demonstrates our interchangeability with the JSDF and our shared resolve to defense of the region.”
Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, JMSDF, ADM SAITO Akira said, "Through this exercise, we conducted a simulated exercise of ballistic missile defense to improve integrated missile defense capabilities, as well as bilateral joint response capabilities to various contingencies. The JMSDF works closely together with the U.S. Navy to strengthen the Japan-U.S. Alliance, increase response capabilities, and maintain a rules-based maritime order."
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains responsiveness, safeguards the peace and defense of Japan, continues to integrate with allied and friendly navies, and contributes to the stability in the Indo-Pacific region in order to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”