Produce Environment

Achieving the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)” Vision

Three Pillars of “FOIP”

1 Promotion and establishment of the rule of law, freedom of navigation, and free trade
2 Pursuit of economic prosperity (e.g. improving connectivity)
3 Commitment to peace and stability

Aspects of SDF’s Approach”

1 Securing the stable use of major sea lanes by way of defense cooperation and exchange activities
2 Preventing contingencies through confidence building and mutual understanding
3 Contributing to peace and stability through active engagement in the region, in cooperation with partner countries

Defense exchanges with foreign navies

Self Defense Fleet, taking every opportunity, promote defense exchanges by bilateral or multilateral exercises with foreign navies and goodwill exercises with foreign naval ships visiting Japan. Also, by receiving foreign distinguished visitors, we actively exchange dialogues and deepen mutual confidence with foreign countries. Bilateral defense exchanges are held by security concerned officials for the purpose of furtherance of confidence and cooperation. The feature of bilateral defense exchange is that we are able to have detailed coordination in view of the relation with the country. Participation to multilateral exercise and hosting such exercise is significant to improve the skill level of Self Defense Fleet as well as to strengthen the soil of defense cooperation by related coordination and opinion exchanges.

International Emergency Rescue, Disaster Relief operations

The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and Self-Defense Fleet are coping with the international disaster relief activities and international Peace Keeping Operations in a positive manner in view of the contribution to humanitarian activities and betterment of security environment. Our first overseas deployment is the deployment of minesweepers to the Persian Gulf in 1990 after Gulf War. At our deployment, Self Defense Fleet operate our force flexibly to respond to the needs from the foreign government suffering from disaster taking their request of support and the situation of the suffering area into our consideration. Also, at domestic disasters, Self Defense Fleet dispatch our units and provide search and rescue support for distressed ships or aircrafts and transportation of patients and material for emergency purpose.