IPD22 unit conducted in the multilateral exercise “Pacific Vanguard 2022”

From August 21 to 29, the Indo-Pacific Deployment 2022 (IPD22) unit, JS IZUMO, JS TAKANAMI, SS, P-1, UP-3D and JGSDF Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade conducted the multi-lateral exercise “Pacific Vanguard 2022” with USN SSN, USNS AMELIA EARHART, P-8A, EA-18G, USMC 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, 3 Marine Expeditionary Force, HMAS SYDNEY, HMAS PERTH, ROKS SE JONG DAEWANG, ROKS MUN MU DAEWANG and HMCS VANCOUVER in and around Guam.
In this exercise, various tactical drills such as anti-surface warfare drill, anti-submarine warfare drill, and anti-surface fire drill were conducted to improve tactical capabilities and strengthen cooperation with navies of participating countries.
The Commanding Officer of Escort Flotilla 4, RADM HIRATA Toshiyuki, who served as the Japanese Commander for this exercise, said, “Pacific Vanguard 2022” is high-end exercise to operate together in high threat, complex situations in order to maintain stability and freedom of access to the oceans, and global commons. I hope this exercise will further strengthen the strong partnership among the participating countries and contribute to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region in order to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.
The Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and integrates with allied and partner countries, safeguards the peace and defense of Japan, and contributes to support stability in the Indo-Pacific region.