CINC of SDF visited USS TRIPOLI with Commander of U.S. 7th Fleet

On June 3, at the invitation of Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet, VADM Karl Thomas, Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, JMSDF, VADM YUASA Hideki visited the assault landing ship USS TRIPOLI off the coast of Japan, together with Ground component Command, Chief of staff, JGSDF, LGEN USHIJIMA Kizuki and Air Defense Command, JASDF, LGEN MORITA Takehiro.
USS TRIPOLI conducted a training exhibition of the F-35B STOVL fighter, which is planned to be introduced in JASDF. In addition, the Commander of the 7th Fleet and the Chief of staff of Ground, Commander of Maritime, Vice Commander of Air Self-Defenses Forces, actively exchanged views on the security situation surrounding Japan, such as attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by force and the launch of a series of ballistic missiles that violate the UN Security Treaty resolution. They agreed to further strengthen cooperation between 7th Fleet and the Ground, Maritime, Air Self-Defense Forces based on the strong Japan-US alliance.
The Self-Defense Fleet will continue to work closely with the 7th Fleet, from the Commander to the staff and unit levels, and act together to maintain readiness, immediately respond against any contingency, safeguard the peace and security of Japan, and support stability in the Indo-Pacific region.