CINC of SDF received the Legion of Honor

On June 2, Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, JMSDF, VADM YUASA Hideki received the Legion of Honor for his achievements in strengthening cooperation between Japan and France. Philippe Setton, Ambassadeur de France au Japon, military attachés, and embassy officials, VADM Karl Thomas, US Navy 7th Fleet Commander, ONIKI Makoto, vice Minister of Defense, OHNO Keitaro, State Minister attended the ceremony at the French Embassy in Japan.
At the time of the award, VADM Yuasa said, “This award is a reflection of the JMSDF's who efforts to strengthen relations and friendship that the JMSDF and the French Navy have developed over the years. This award recognizes all JMSDF personal and as the Commander in Chief of the Self-Defense Fleet, I will continue to work to strengthen the bond between Japan and France. I am sincerely grateful for this award, and will further strengthen the relationship between the JMSDF and French Navy.”
The Self-Defense Fleet is engaged in bilateral exercises and surveillance activities related to the transshipment of supplies with North Korean vessels prohibited by UN Security Council Resolutions with the French Navy, an important partner of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.
The Self-Defense Fleet will maintain its readiness and make every effort to defend Japan, and will continue to work closely with the French Navy at each level from the Commander to the staff level and the field unit level to achieve peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.