JS HAMANA conducted a bilateral exercise with USS Rafael Peralta

On May 18, JS HAMANA conducted a bilateral exercise in the waters around Okinawa with the USS RAFAEL PERALTA.
The captain JS HAMANA, CDR KINUYAMA Takeo stated, “We were able to improve our tactical skills and interoperability with the U.S. Navy through this bilateral exercise. This exercise was conducted to maintain the ability of the U.S. and Japanese naval supply forces to conduct replenishments at sea. The logistic divisions of Japanese and U.S. naval forces are operating more effectively and efficiently based on our strong and enduring alliance in support of front-line units.”
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains readiness to respond and contributes to the defense of Japan based on the deterrence and response capabilities of the strong Japan-U.S. alliance, and contributes to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region in cooperation with many nations that share our fundamental values toward the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”