JS OSUMI completed international disaster relief activities in the Kingdom of Tonga

JS OSUMI of the Japan Disaster Relief Team in Tonga left the KURE base on 24 January and arrived at the port of Nuku’alofa on Tongatapu Island, Kingdom of Tonga on 9 February ,after traveling about 4600 NM. After arriving at the port, JS OSUMI delivered drinking water,provided water to water trucks, high-pressure washing machines needed to remove volcanic ash, and other relief supplies to the Tongan side.
JS OSUMI left the port of Nuku’alofa on 13 February, and offloaded 10 tons of drinking water to Eua Island, Lifuca Island in Ha’pai and Vava’u Island using a JGSDF CH-47JA helo from February 14 to 16,and completed its transportation missions.
In order to take all possible measures against the COVID-19, the support members confirmed that they were negative by PCR and antigen tests and wore Tyvek suits during the activities in the field.
At the conclusion of the mission, Commander Landing Ship Divission1 said, "Tonga and Japan are friends, both being maritime nations in the Pacific Ocean, and the Japan Disaster Relief Team have worked together as a joint task force with a strong desire to provide full support for this mission. I would like to thank all of you for supporting our activities.”
The Self-Defense Fleet has been pursuing efforts to deepen friendly relations and mutual understanding with the Pacific Island nations by conducting goodwill visits and routine exercises, with the aim of realizing a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific." Although transport operation has completed, the Self-Defense Fleet hopes for Tonga’s swift recovery and sustainable development.