Verification of F-35B fighter landing on JS IZUMO

October 3, JS IZUMO conducted verification of F-35B fighter from the U.S. Marine Corps landing on IZUMO in the waters south of Shikoku.
This verification is the first time for a F-35B fighter to land on a JMSDF vessel, and Japan is working to improve its capabilities in the maritime and air domains by steadily upgrading the IZUMO class destroyer in order to acquire the ability to operate STOVL aircraft.
In addition, in this verification, with the close cooperation and support of Japan and the U.S. based on our strong alliance, we not only collected various verification data, but also conducted various training and education necessary for the operation of F-35B fighter on naval vessels, improved interoperability between Japan and the U.S..
The Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and safeguards the peace and security of Japan, and contributes to support stability in the region.