JS TOKIWA conducted bilateral exercise with USS Barry

September 4, JS TOKIWA conducted bilateral exercise with USS Barry in the East China Sea, strengthened deterrence and response capabilities based on the Japan-U.S. alliance by improving interoperability between the JMSDF and the U.S. Navy.
The Commanding Officer of JS TOKIWA, CDR SAITO Yukio stated, “This exercise was conducted to improve operational flexibility by maintaining the ability of Japan and the U.S. to mutually substitute for each other in offshore replenishment. The ship achieved the required objectives by providing logistical support to U.S. naval vessels operating in the waters around Japan in an immediate and flexible manner according to the needs of the U.S. Navy.”
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and integrates with the U.S. Navy based on the strong Japan-U.S. alliance in order to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, safeguards the peace and security of Japan, and contributes to support stability in the Indo-Pacific region.