JMSDF and JASDF conducted the multi-lateral exercise “Pacific Crown 21-3” with the Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group

From September 2-7, Escort Flotilla 2 conducted the multi-lateral exercise “Pacific Crown 21-3” in the waters south of Japan with HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group, enhanced our tactical skills and interoperability between the JMSDF and participated navies. Seven destroyers, including JS ISE and KIRISHIMA, as well as a submarine and P-1 patrol aircraft from the JMSDF and F-2 and F-15 fighter, KC-767 aerial refueling aircraft, and E-767 command and control aircraft from the JASDF participated in the training, conducted various tactical training such as air defense and anti-submarine warfare.
The Commanding Officer of Escort Flotilla 2, RADM KONNO Yasuki, stated, “This was third time for Escort Flotilla 2 to train with the Royal Navy's aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Strike Group, and I felt that the guidelines for cooperation between participating navies have been established, and this cooperation is being strengthened with increasing purchase. Based on this valuable experience, we will work to maintain and improve our proficiency so that it will be able to integrate swiftly whenever the Royal Navy deploys to the Indo-Pacific region.”
Despite COVID-19, The Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and integrates with allied and friendly navies in order to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific and contributes to support stability in the Indo-Pacific region.