P-1 maritime patrol aircrafts of Fleet Air Wing 4 conducted bilateral exercise with P-8A maritime patrol aircrafts of the U.S. navy

From Jun 22-24, P-1 maritime patrol aircraft from Fleet Air Wing 4 conducted bilateral exercise in the waters south of the Kii peninsula with P-8A patrol aircraft from the U.S. Navy, to enhance tactical skills and increase Japan-U.S. interoperability.
The Commanding Officer of Fleet Air Wing 4, RADM KANAYAMA Tetsuji, who served as the Commander of this exercise, stated, “This training was anti-submarine training by our patrol units targeting an actual submarine, and we are satisfied about the improvement of tactical skills and the cooperation between JMSDF and U.S. Navy. We will continue to enhance deterrence and response capabilities based on the Japan-U.S. alliance.”
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and, through its strong partnership with the U.S., safeguard the peace and security of Japan and contribute to support stability.