Mutual site visits with Japan Coast Guard

On May 25 and 28, Escort Division 14 Headquarters, whose home base is Maizuru, conducted a site visit of Japan Coast Guard School (JCGS), 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters (8th RCG), and PLH DAISEN, also located in Maizuru. Following this, on Jun 9, the administrative director and the education and training director of JCGS, the security and rescue director of 8th RCG also conducted a site visit of DE SENDAI.
These site visits deepened mutual understanding between JMSDF and JCG through explanations of the missions and organizations of both sides, facilities and equipment of the ships, and exchange of opinions, while taking all possible countermeasures for COVID-19.
In addition, we agreed to cooperate with each other by creating opportunities for active exchanges and bilateral exercise.
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains ready to immediately respond against unexpected circumstances and integrates with Japan Coast Guard in order to carry out maritime surveillance of Japan's territorial and surrounding waters.