JS ISE conducted bilateral exercise with the Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) CSG

From May 26-30, JS ISE conducted bilateral exercise in the waters east of Okinawa with the Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Carrier Strike Group.
Commander of JS ISE (CAPT MIYAZAKI Koji) stated, “In addition to improving the JMSDF's tactical capabilities, we have deepened interoperability with the US Navy. In particular, by conducting such as the bilateral exercise with the US Navy's Carrier Strike Group, the JMSDF and the US Navy will confirm their strong joint relationship and we can improve deterrence and interoperability in response to possible contingencies.”
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and integrate with the US Navy in order to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, safeguard the peace and security of Japan and contribute to support stability in the region based on our strong alliance.