JSDF conducted the multi-lateral training event, “ARC21” with the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Australian Navy, the French Navy, and the French Army

Since May 11, Maritime Forces mainly consisting of Escort Flotilla 2 have been conducting the multi-lateral training event, “ARC 21” in the East China Sea west of Kyushu in order to enhance our tactical skills and strengthen interoperability between Japan, the United States, Australia, and France.
The Commanding Officer of Escort Flotilla 2, RADM KONNO Yasuki, who served as the Japanese Commander for this event, stated, “In this exercise, we conducted high level tactical training with our allied and key partner navies. I am convinced that this training event, which will be conducted despite the constraints of COVID-19, will help maintain and strengthen maritime order in the Indo-Pacific.”
These multi-lateral training events, bring together the naval forces of allied and important partner countries, contribute to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific based on the rule of law, and are a joint effort to ensure national sovereignty, security, and prosperity in the region.
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and integrate with the U.S., Australian, French forces in order to safeguard the peace and security of Japan and support stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
In addition, the Japanese side is participating in the exercise with JS ISE, JS ASHIGARA, JS ASAHI, JS KONGO, JS OSUMI, a submarine, P-1 patrol aircraft, SH-60K patrol helicopters, missile boats, Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, CH-47JA transport helicopters, and F-2 fighters. The U.S. side joins with USS New Orleans, MV22 Osprey, Marine Corps, P-8A patrol aircraft. Australian is participating with HMAS Parramatta, and the French have sent FNS Tonnerre, FNS Surcouf, and army landing platoons.