VADM SAITO the Commander of Escort Fleet, the Commander of CSG 5 and the Commander of DESRON 15 held a meeting on board USS CVN-76 RONALD REAGAN

On April 15, VADM SAITO Akira the Commander of Escort Fleet, RADM Will Pennington the Commander of CTF70/CSG 5 and CAPT Chase Sargeant the Commander of CTF71/DESRON 15 held a meeting on board USS CVN-76 RONALD REAGAN.
VADM SAITO stated, “The U.S. and Japanese naval surface forces need to work together more than ever before. We agreed to further improve the interoperability of our forces based on the good and close JP-US alliance developed over long years.”
RADM Pennington stated, “Our relationship with the JMSDF is key to our strategic advantage in the Indo-Pacific region. We have continued to operate closely at sea and ashore despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. Regular face-to-face meetings ensure strong alignment and boost our ability to deepen and expand our relationship in the days ahead.”
Despite COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains responsive and continues to strengthen our alliance with our naval partners in order to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, not only for the national defense of Japan, but also to maintain peace and stability in the entire Indo-Pacific region.