JMSDF conducted bilateral exercise with JCG

  On April 6, JS ATAGO, JS UMITAKA and SH-60K maritime patrol helicopters conducted bilateral exercise in the Bay of Wakasa with Japan Coast Guard (JCG) patrol ship HOTAKA.
The JMSDF vessels, the embarked helicopters, and the JCG patrol vessel practiced sharing information on suspicious vessels in order to build a collaborative Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). Specifically, JMSDF and JCG practiced coordinated surveillance, tracking and series of prosecution leading to a stoppage measure for suspicious vessels and deploying countermeasures when required. Throughout the events, the JMSDF improved their skills and their ability to operate jointly with JCG.
Despite the COVID-19, the Self-Defense Fleet remains ready to immediately respond against unexpected circumstances and integrate with Japan Coast Guard in order to carry out maritime surveillance of Japan's territorial and surrounding waters.