JMSDF conducted bilateral exercise with the USN, the FRN and the BGN

  From March 17-18, JS ARIAKE conducted bilateral exercise in the Gulf of Aden with the CHARLES DE GAULLE Carrier Strike Group and BNS LEOPOLD I.
Subsequently, each participating ship also conducted bilateral exercise with USS PORT ROYAL and USS MAKIN ISLAND in the Arabian Sea from 19-20 March.
This is the first time that a French Navy supply ship has refueled a JMSDF ship.
Commander of JS ARIAKE, CDR EZAWA Naritaka, stated, “In the Indian Ocean, a main sea line of communication for Japan, we conducted various tactical training events with our ally, the US Navy, and the French and Belgian Navy, which are NATO partner countries. These training events enhanced the cooperative relationship of trust between each Navy in order to support maritime security and the rule of law in the area.”
Despite the COVID-19 environment, the Self-Defense Fleet maintains strength and responsiveness at the unit level and flexibility seizes various opportunities to deepen friendship and trust with the navies of concerned countries in order to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” supported by the maritime security based on the rule of law and contribute to the peace and support stability of the Indo-Pacific region.