October 7, 2015
Enrollment Ceremony (The 19th Joint Advanced Course)

On October 7th, the enrollment ceremony for the 19th Joint Advanced Course (JAC) was gracefully held at the auditorium of Meguro Base, with the pleasure of their companies, Lieutenant General Koji Yamazaki, Vice Chief of Staff of Joint Staff, acting Chief of Staff of Joint Staff, three other Vice Commandants from the Ground, Maritime and Air Staff Colleges, and Retired General Yutaka Shohda, President of the Toh-Yu-Kai and the 36th Commandant of Joint Staff College.
  The course purpose is for senior officers to acquire the advanced knowledge on the joint service operations of Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) required to carry out missions as a senior commanding and staff officers.
  A total of 45 students from three different services, who are Col/CAPT or Lt Col/CDR (17 from Ground, 15 from Maritime, and 13 from Air Self-Defense Forces) will study together.
  For 5 months to next March 4th, the students will have extensive opportunities to learn peacetime joint operation to contingency joint operation by classroom lectures, group research on defense strategy, and field study trips to major JSDF sites and U.S. Forces sites in Japan as well as overseas field trips(Germany or India).

Declaration of enrollment

Declaration of enrollment

Lt Gen Takahashifs address Lt Gen Yamazakifs address

Lt Gen Takahashifs address

Lt Gen Yamazakifs address

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