August 1961

Joint Staff College was established under Joint Staff Council
   Regular Course started

December 1980

Joint Education Program (Senior Officers Course) started

April 1988

Research Office separated from Education Division

April 1993

Joint Education Program (Command and Staff course) started

October 1994

Relocated from Ichigaya to Meguro

March 2006

JSDF shifted to a joint operational structure

Joint Advanced Course and Joint Intensive Course started

March 2010

Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center was established

March 2011

Planning Division separated from Administrative Division

October 2011

Basic Course started

December 2011

First International Peace and Security Symposium was held

July 2012

Contingent Commandersf Course started

August 2012

Research Office transferred to Education Division

February 2013

Staff Officer Course started

September 2016

Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center was relocated to Ichigaya

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