October 15, 2014
Completion of the FY 2014 Second-Term Joint Education Program

On October 15th, the Senior Officers Course of the FY 2014 Second-Term Joint Education Program was completed.
@The course is, prior to the enrollment in an advanced course at each service Staff College, to educate on defense legislation, both domestic and foreign situations, military situation and strategy in foreign countries, all of which are required for the JSDF officers regardless of service. Beginning from August 28th, the course accepted 18 ground, 16 maritime, and 10 air officer students with the rank of either Col/CAPT or Lt Col/CDR. Distinguished professors, Division Directors from the concerned government agencies, and Division Heads/Chiefs/Directors/ from each service Staff Office were invited as guest lecturers. The graduates will soon commence another course at each Staff College, which is more service-focused, and be expected to return to the Joint Staff College to enroll the Joint Advanced Course, beginning in next March.

@The following is part of studentsf feedback.

We could freshen our head and mind. The course was very effective and significant for the students like us, who have been away from an intensive learning for a while. The officers of all services gathering and studying in one place, it was not only very effective in creating the gjoint spirith through discussions and socials, but it was also a valuable opportunity to understand the strategy, tactics and characteristics of each service.

We could have a great opportunity to learn politics, economics, social security, social thoughts, and logistics, all of which we did not fully learn in previous education. I could support a higher and broader perspective, thanks to the course. It was very meaningful since I could re-organize and brush up the knowledge, acquired in my precious education and experiences, regarding defense and security.

Vising lecturer Lecture by an active service officer

Vising lecturer

Lecture by an active service officer

Students QA Session


QA Session

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