A Message from the Commandant

Toshiyuki ITO Vice Admiral, JASDF 43rd Commandant

The summer has come and for those who visiting this page of the Joint Staff College (JSC), thank you very much for watching our website.

Last month, I made the students of the #16 Joint Advance Course conduct a week-study tour abroad, divided into two groups, one for the UK and another for Thailand and Vietnam.
 The students have learned situations in the UK that most of military parts including education are well organized under the joint command in the financially worse condition, and they felt the circumstance of the regions which is defense-politically very significant area for Japan these days in Thailand and Vietnam.

 The Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) of JSC started the Contingent Commanders Course (CCC) on 7th July. The aim of the Contingent Commanders Course is to prepare potential Commanders in the roles and responsibilities of contingent commanders, battalion commanders and sector commanders in complex peacekeeping operations, both for UN Operations and other multinational operations.
 This time we accepted the two foreign students from Germany and Thailand and from other related agencies ( MOFA and Cabinet Office) for the first time, being able to make a good simulation of real peace keeping activities which are played in various actors, and effective education is provided.
 Please refer this website for the course as well.

 As for these two topics, we are glad if you would visit another pages as well. Details of the CCC will be updated soon.

As it is getting hotter, I hope you all will take good care of yourself.

Toshiyuki Ito
Vice Admiral, JMSDF
Commandant, Joint Staff College
Ministry of Defense

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