A Message from the Commandant

Toshiyuki ITO Vice Admiral, JASDF 43rd Commandant

We cannot believe that it has been already a season which is just warm enough to get the sweat. Our uniform has also changed from winter to summer uniform.

The students of the #16 Joint Advance Course, conducted study tours to Kyushu and Okinawa area in May, and they felt conditions of the southwest regions which is defense-politically very significant area these days, then recognized importance of joint operation again.

@The Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) of JSC started the Basic Course on 26th May. The duration of the course will be 5 working days, and participant rank or grade should be equivalent to First Lieutenant/Lieutenant Junior Grade - Major/Lieutenant Commander levels.
@They learn not only the knowledge, skills and attributes, both academic and practical, required to participate in the UN Peacekeeping Operations and International Peace Cooperation Activities but also the protection of civilians and gender, civil-military cooperation which JDS will face in the near future. I intend to educate them to be good officers who can play well in the international field in the future.
@Details above are introduced on the JPC official website, and details of the Basic Course will be updated.

The weather in this month is moderate and good, but sometimes changeable weather in the beginning of rain season. I hope you all will take good care of yourself.

Toshiyuki Ito
Vice Admiral, JMSDF
Commandant, Joint Staff College
Ministry of Defense

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