A Message from the Commandant

Toshiyuki ITO Vice Admiral, JASDF 43rd Commandant

They say that February is the coldest season, but I am glad to find all of you in good and fine.

After 2014 coming, 51 students of the #15 Joint Advance Course, one of the course of the Joint Staff College, whose goal is to acquire a wide knowledge and skills about joint operation conducted domestic study tour twice before they graduate in March.
@In January, we conducted Okinawa tour including Miyako-jima, and they felt conditions of the southwest regions which is defense- politically very significant area these days, then recognized importance of joint operation again.
@In February, we went to Kumamoto (Kengun), Nagasaki (Sasebo), and Fukuoka (Kasuga), respectively base and units among GSDF, MSDF (US Navy as well), and ASDF. Students saw the actual reality that "Joint" was performed actually not just in the textbook, and must have felt the near future that they will definitely experience.
@In the tour, each commanders gave a warm message to the students who will be the next leader in decade, and that also inspired them very much. Since we have been updating pages about these tours, please visit those pages as well.

@On the other hand, the Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) of JSC started the Staff Officers Course (SOC) on 3rd February. SOC is to prepare current and potential staff officers in their assigned roles and responsibilities both for UN and other multinational complex peacekeeping operations. The course will promote capacity building for troop contributing countries. Participant rank or grade should be equivalent to Major/Lieutenant Commander-Lieutenant Colonel/Commander, and participants will be prepared for their functions as staff officers in UN and other peacekeeping missions. The duration of the course is 18 working days.

It is still cold in February, but I hope spring will come soon and you will take good care of yourself.

Toshiyuki Ito
Vice Admiral, JMSDF
Commandant, Joint Staff College
Ministry of Defense

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